Business Methods

The business methods of Saman Sarmaye Homa Co. as a professional company in content aggregation are as follows:

Investment on contents and related services in private and non-government sectors

Market development of rich content owners and mobile app developers

Design and packaging of distinctive products and quality services

About Homa

“Saman Sarmaye Homa Co.” (SSHC), a subsidiary of “Etemad-e-Mobin”, was established aiming to aggregate contents. Moreover, relying on technical capabilities and contents of its partners, it was inaugurated to provide mobile services and IPTV system. SSHC defined and managed ecosystems of rich services such as “Anarestan” (Student's Social Network)

○ The provider of top rich contents and services in Eurasia, Middle East and North of Africa

○ Recognize and Aggregate all Cos/CPs/SPs/SDs
○ Collaboration with Investment Companies
○ Innovation and Investment in Distribution Channels of Contents and Services
○ Architecturing Innovative Services based on Interactive Environments, Revenue Share, and focused on MBB
○ High Ranked Relationships with the Customers and Business Development
○ Revenue based on New Generations of Communications and Values

Core Value:
○ We endeavor after satisfying our clients and build trust by performing highest quality activities
○ We work smart to consider the rights of our partners and beneficiaries and we are loyal to that
○ We are aware of the essentiality of economic logic in both aspects of public interest and national economy
○ We obligate ourselves to innovations and to act based on knowledge
○ Our success is ties to continuous method development and quality management systems, and regular performance and effectiveness review


In order to deliver high quality contents and services, we partner with the following companies:

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